ATM/Debit Card

Deposit or withdraw funds from your checking account anytime, day or night, from any automated teller machine using our First Financial Check Card (ATM/Debit Card). Use our Debit Card instead of checks when making your purchases either on the web or in person at any merchant.

Online Banking

Just stop by one of our offices or give us a call to get signed up today.


Discover this easy and time-saving way to paying your bills online.

First Financial Bank Switch Kit

Switching to a bank that puts you first has never been easier. Download a PDF* of the entire kit here or any of the individual forms below:

Account Application Form

Direct Deposit Change Form

Automatic Withdrawal Change Form

Online Bill Pay Checklist

Close Account Form

You can complete the forms and distribute them yourself, or simply come into the bank and one of our friendly team members can help to walk you through it.

*Must have Adobe Acrobat to open the forms on your computer.


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